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Our corporate recovery professionals bring over 40 years of experience driving solutions in the capital markets when time and money are in short supply. We assist middle market companies, creditors, and investors across a broad range of industries. We have a demonstrative track record completing difficult transactions in strategic advisory, restructurings & recapitalizations, M&A, and creditor advisory. We provide the knowledge and support to guide stressed organizations toward a value-enhancing solution. Our team also has experience in negotiating bank waivers, storied M&A, maximizing alternatives and recoveries, and advising and protecting officers and directors operating near the zone of insolvency.

Unique & Alternative Solutions

Deeply experienced corporate recovery professionals

  • Evaluate multiple opportunities to transition businesses onto new, more stable paths
  • Identify and recommend courses of action suitable for in and out of court
  • Prepare expert reports, declarations, and direct testimony

Third-party perspective in alternative advisory

Broad experience on both debtor and creditor work

Expertise in all forms of restructuring: Ch 7/11, 363 sales, and more

Strategic partnerships

Delivering value-enhancing results during challenging times

Special Situations News